3E refrigerator crushing recycling line Patented invention

Date:2019-07-29 10:18:18

The Waste Refrigerator Recycling Line from Guangzhou 3E Machinery Company is designed to process large volume waste refrigerators. The design for the recycling line is unique and the separation effect is high. It has already acquired the national patent (ZL2017 1 0005788.9). It is good for environmental protection and safety production and the output material, dust and exhaust air will be processed by individual ventilation system. 

Main Parameter

1. Production Capacity: 50-60  units/Hour

2.80-100 units/Hour

Material sorting effect

1.metal separation rate>98%

2..plastic separation rate >97%

3.plastic contain foam rate≤1.5%

4.Foam contain plastic rate≤3%

Production safety

1.Low power consumption. The separation and crushing for foam will be finished by high pressure hammer blower which is self-developed patented equipment

2.metal density ≥0.8T/M3 the output size of crushed material is average and separation effect is good. 

3. Foam volume reduction rate1:8 reduce the volume by hydraulic pressure, the foam will not get heat avoiding fire risk.

4.It is very suitable for recycle large volume refrigerator and freezer and separate most part cables automatically

5.Unique design with national patent(ZL2017 1 0005788.9

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