Usually the Pre-shredder is used for crushing agriculture film, woven bag etc.And it can be located at the start of plastic film recycling plant. Designed for materials with large silts&sands and content, the entire package can be broken up and cut to a smaller size at one time, and the silts & sands can be easy pretreated out to reduce wear on the back-end equipments.


Technical features:
  1. Low speed, large torque shear, low dust, low noise;
  2. The cutter is made of wear-resistant material, which can be used again after wear, with low maintenance frequency;
  3. Modular design of cutting chamber, equipped with independent side plate and bearing seat, convenient for maintenance;
  4. Independent electric cabinet, Siemens PLC automatic control.

Model Item Power(kw) Output / ton Rotor length (mm) L/W/H  (mm) Rotor Diameter (mm)
WPR65140(Ⅰ) 75 2.5 1390 105 X 60  X35 660
WPR65140(Ⅱ) 132 5 1390 105 X 60 X 35 660
WPR80200 250 10 2030 105 X 60 X 35 790