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3E VZ Blades Deconstruction

3E GUANGZHOU LIANGUAN MACHINERY is a professional recycling machinery manufacturer. We are design and produce blades rigorous, and each blade of manufacturing  With strict quality and technical detection. To assure safety efficient work, bring maximization of the value for customers.

VZ-blades Specially designed for shreds flimsy waste scrap metal.

Performance Features:

1. It can be meet the needs of multiple waste recycling industry. For shredding Materials: Packaging aluminum, Car shell, E-waste, Metal etc.

2. The unique blade design. It has strict specification data in terms of thickness, configuration and arrangement. With strong shear force, Sharp blade and highly efficient crushing.

3. Made of import materials, Corrosion and wear resistance, sturdy and durable.

4. Broken blade could be multiple repair to Prolong the service life of equipment, Low Maintain Cost.

5. low-speed running, Low noise and fewer dusts