Turning waste into treasure, there is more blue sky and blue sea around us


Is it beautiful? yes , we all like it, but the truth is like under↓↓↓

A lot of people will have a similar confusion: "human daily life in a large number of living garbage and plastic waste, if the garbage treatment plant can not be carried, where will the garbage go?"" The correct answer is that the small pieces of living garbage and plastic rubbish that have been scattered all over the place are flowing into the rivers and seas, and are eventually clustered into large groups, accumulating more and more, forming huge islands of garbage and plastic waste islands". In fact, the floating plastic in rivers and oceans has been able to circle the earth for more than 400 times, If we take away rubbish can be readily recycled and reused, in fact, is mining a new oilfield!

Garbage "daozhu" islands provide some waste plastic recycling tips for us:
Can be used for the regeneration of the production of plastic products, beverage packaging, food packaging, plastic sheeting; remanufacturing into farm machinery, fertilizer bags, toy manufacturing; renewable particles but also a large number of applications in industrial electrical and telecommunications equipment, is very significant to the benefit of investment.
3E Plastic crushing & wahsing line, Turning waste into treasure to protect the blue sky & blue sea, the systems are capable of processing a wide range of plastic materials with verying levels of contamination including extremely heavy contamination such as oil based substances and agricultural waste. the output material can be applied for granulation, blow molding and blowing injection. The whold production line is easy to operate, efficient and low energy consumption. 

Finally, the garbage islands "daozhu" provides some suggestions for us:
Now there are biodegradable plastics, the cost is slightly higher. If the majority of consumers can accept the price slightly higher green plastic, it will be a great progress;
Daily living, bring your own bags; try to buy a box of paper, reduce the use of plastic products; the use of reusable glass containers;
- take to pack your lunch box, call for delivery, reduce the use of disposable lunch boxes.
3E machinery together with you in order to eliminate the "junk islands" a force to change from now on!
(data source: 2017-10-10 CITYZINE)