QUALITY│3E Machinery Is Going To The 12th China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo


3E HW Series Hazardous Waste Shredder is suitable for processing hazardous wastes, industrial wastes, chemical wastes, paint buckets, batteries, oil filter and the other type industrial wzastes. There is multiple sealing for cutting chamber and power supply device and it is good sealing and corrosion resistance. As per customer's requirements, it could use stainless steel for the cutting chamber. The blades are made by high strength alloy steel which has strong abrasion resistance and high strength.

3E Municipal Solid Waste Shredding System is to separate the raw waste into: combustible fraction (to produce RDF-refuse derived fuel), recyclables(ferrous and non-ferrous metals), and the remaining inert fraction(landfill). The plant is designed to process mainly municipal solid waste (MSW) but is able to process a wide variety of waste such as landfill waste or industrial waste. The plant is solid, compact and versatile providing reliable commercial operation. Up to 90% of waste consumed in the process.