“e+” It’s effecting and promoting the development and innovation of green economy. How to let the customers make more trust on our products, We still need doing better. Faced with new market demands, development of high technology new products, to meet customer needs. It has always been the pursuit of 3E MACHINERY. SWTF40150-Tow shaft shredder is independent design and development by 3E MACHINER. It’s a professional shredding and recycling multifunction equipment. And as been widespread used in recycling industry.


SWTF40150-Tow shaft shredder has specialized design for shred soft-medium hardness materials including wood, paper, film, textile bag and jumbo bag etc. It adopts double knife roller structure and specialized Z-type screen, these can prevent feed blocking effectively, It also adopts Siemens PLC system (Programmable Logic Controller), It can be achieved on start, stop, invert and overdrive etc, and It has advantage of medium speed, high efficiency, low noise.

SWTF40150 also could to match different knife roller and proper screen size according to customer demands.