3E Waste Refrigerator Recycling Production Line


A refrigerator (freezer) can be recycled 9.0kg plastic, 0.6kg aluminum, 38.6kg iron, 1.4kg copper, the use of these renewable resources, you can create 45 plastic storage boxes, 50 cans(350 ml ) and 1400 grams of copper strips and other products.

3E  Waste Refrigerator Recycling Production Line, crushing for large size refrigerator and freezer, unique design and obtained the national patent (201120325659.6), material, dust and exhaust respectively, independent exhaust system, is conducive to environmental protection and production safety. The whole production process is easy to operate, efficient, economical and environmental friendly.


Imported wear-resistant steel, life guarantee, cracking refrigerator more than 80 thousand
- Low energy consumption.
- Dismantling and recycling capacity of Waste Refrigerators: 50-60 units / hour;
                                                                                                80-100 units / hour.
- Material separation efficiency: Iron recovery is greater than 98%;
                                                  Plastic recovery rate is greater than 98%;
                                                  Foam recovery rate is greater than 95%.
- The bulk density of the iron group: more than 0.7T/Cubic metre, the broken material of uniform size, good stripping effect.
- Foam volume reduction ratio 1:7.
- Especially suitable for tearing large size refrigerators and freezers.
- Unique design and national patent (201120325659.6).

Production Safety

- Material and dust and exhaust, respectively, supporting independent ventilation system, is conducive to environmental protection and safety in production.
- The production line can be operated remotely and monitored in real time according to customer requirements.
- Production lines are simultaneously broken and recycled for freezers.