"3E" Trademark has won the "famous brand of Guangzhou" again


Recently, after being recognized by the Guangzhou trademark recognition Committee, the "3E" trademark of Guangzhou 3E Machinery Co., Ltd. stands out as a famous trademark of Guangzhou. "3E" famous trademark again won the 3E not only improve the brand's market visibility and influence, bring more lasting brand competitiveness for the enterprise, but also on the leading enterprises in the transformation of economic development mode, to enhance the core competitiveness of Technology Center has played a positive role.

According to the industry orientation of Guangzhou, Guangzhou will clarify the key objects of its own brand cultivation, vigorously support advanced manufacturing, strategic new industries and new formats and their registered trademarks. Identification of "3E" famous trademark "Chinese manufacturing" name in the domestic market is more popular, better to promote brand + brand strategic development goals, promote the common development of industry by the trademark + brand strategy and.