Congratulations!Mr. Jiang Hongchun has hired as an expert by Rubber Industry Association


April 2017, 3E Machinery's Mr. Jiang Hongchun has hired as an expert by Rubber Industry Association, and Participated in the grand appointment ceremony.

3E Machinery's Mr. Jiang Hongchun is not only the outstanding talents in the field of professional high technical level, also is 3E Machinery's strong support for project mechanical tire group, was appointed as a member of the expert group to shoulder more responsibility and mission. The group of experts of the selection work, can lead the industry and 3E Machinery leap in the development of waste tire circulation professional recycling technology field, but also guidance and incentives for all professionals struggle in technical positions. 3E Machinery technician team and skilled personnel will take Mr. Jiang Hongchun as an example, to overcome the technical difficulties, and constantly improve the professional level, strengthen the company's core competitiveness, the formation of a good situation, the implementation of the development strategy of the firm and smooth.